avoidence v2.0

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this is an updated version of my other title it now contains

when you die you restart the level not the stage


I beat this game in less than a minute

I love these games because i love to test them. I love finding out which methods of cheat haven't been coded out. You did cover the left click cheating meathod, good job on that's the most commonly missed method. I also found that if i right clicked then moved my mouse to where it was safer and easier to move freely, that again I could just left click and continue on. However (sorry if that last bit was confusing) if i were to right click at the start then position the cursor over the finish area then left click I would then move on to the next level. that should be an easy fix, just disalbe the right click feature, but if you can't do that then just hide the cursor that's really simple and you should do it either way. It's something like mouse.hide(); look it up it really simple.

Finally there was only one error that occured while i was playing, after completing lvl 9 or somthing around there, I was hurled ahead to lvl 17. It was strange, I've no guess as to how that happened or how to fix it, but anyways. From what I saw of the game as i breezed threw it, it looks very challanging. The visuals could use some cleaning up though.

GL with the updates.

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Just some advice...

pretty good, if not a bit repetitive. also, found a glitch where u can kinda cheat. Right click and move mouse over final target and click (it'll get u to the next level)

Just wanted to point it out if u wanted to fix it. Overall, good.


Quite an improvement from your original avoidence game.


simple and basic, bad graphics, good script

Its good but.

You might want to disable right click.

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2.72 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2007
3:25 PM EDT
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