Fletcher Fields 8

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My 79th movie.

The 8th in the "Fletcher Fields" series.



I have looked at all these flash's and not 1 really convinced me that you were gonna improve on this flash or flash's. Also why insult some 1 on your flash have you achieved somthing?( knowing your reply you will say yes) but this has really got me annoyed just seeing pretty much the same ending every time over and over and over.....again...meh just plz make it better or stop doing this "Fletcher Fields" :S

Simply Amazing

this was a great sequal to FF 9 ^___^

keep em coming

wallpaperman responds:

yuo mean ff7 -.--.-.-.-.--.--.--.-


i dont get the point of this i meen its the same every time only uve changed the end bit ...

wallpaperman responds:

i kept the start bit, not changed the end bit


Thats hilarious

No its not. It opened kind of like Salad fingers. And it ended like a stupid porn movie. Seriously stop putting crap like this on Newgrounds. But as a member I am entitled to my own opinion and a review so here we go.

Graphics were ok, just work a little more on them.

Sound I have to say was hilarious. It went well with the lips and the other part.

Violene. None

Humor. Well you know.

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wallpaperman responds:


this is hilarious

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1.90 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2007
7:42 AM EDT
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