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Brandnew! Play this outstanding Flash fighting game, based on the PC Superfighter game from 1993! Choose one out of 8 different Characters
and play 10 great levels to become a real champion! There's a lot of
data to download but believe: each bit is worth to download!!! 1.800 k,

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This could've been a good game, but sadly it requires absolutely no skill, on the levels that claimed to be hard all I had to do was button spam in the same place and I won with ease.

So this claims to be a pretty good fighting game, and seems to have gotten the credit for it, but in reality it was pretty poorly done save for the graphics and music. There was a much better fighting game that went under the radar that came out right before this one too, which kinda hurts to see.

So the game is pretty shallow. Every fight ends in the same way with the same strategy. Walk up to an opponent, stun them by spamming attacks over and over until they are in a corner, and then they die. To prevent this you could've added a block or dodge mechanic, or made it possible for the characters to face more than one direction. But this game has none of those essential features.

The art was beautifully done, but that is everything there is to it. It's nice to look at and all, but terrible to play. On top of this, the characters' backstories were as generic as it gets, and you have to wait quite a while for it to cycle through all of them rather than seeing it when you select a character.

The game emphasizes on having 8 characters to play, but there is no variety between them outside of appearance.

There aren't any real combos and the game doesn't take any skill. On top of that you have the typical character design. I mean little green man that looks like a cross between Yoda and Smegal? Nice try but next time at least come up with a descent combo system.

its good

but it ain't all that


While not that impressive by modern standards, this is still a good game. The one thing that pulled it down was that it was a bit too simple at first. I think it would have been a good idea to have customizable controls, but these are certainly unique. The coolest thing was the graphics. It was just so authentic looking and it seemed just like the kind of thing you would see on a professional system! The characters all have unique designs too.

The gameplay is still decent, as there seem to be a good variety of attacks you can use. It's nice that they actually vary from character to character. Hey, I think Superfighters ripped off your name! How convienient that I reviewed this right after discovering that new submission. The music is alright, it could use more variety, but not bad.

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3.37 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2001
11:25 AM EST