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Guy from the Sky

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Edit: Frontpage? Wow, thanks so so much!!! <3

This is a 1 minute flash movie about the 'Guy from the Sky'. You may think it's short, but take a look anyway. Think of it as a pilot episode. If it gets good feedback, I will likely make future editions containing longer episodes, or two in one flash.

It's all very quirky and abstract but I put alot of effort into his actions and the atmosphere ect.

Hope you like it!

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Oh yes!

I've just discovered this animation of yours, and what I love about your work is that although the characters are physically very simple, they have incredible personalities which you get from the movements and characteristics they show. Another gem, well done!


I like the hole idea of this plot, this is truely original. I really like both of these what you have made.

Make a third one! :D

2ndself responds:

Oh but I am doing :3

(thx XD)


You crack me up. You have really have this Pixar-like feel to your stuff. Me likey.

Loved it!

Loved it...
I liked the "Day of the Tentical" main character as the 'guy from the sky'. Kinda original, loved the music, the animation was smooth, great job! (make more!)

2ndself responds:

You know I realy have no idea what 'Day of the Tentacle' is...though everyone seems to mention it in their reviews lol

Thanks very much, I am making more :3


the movie was good and the animation was done in an original style ive never seen before. is the guy from the sky some kind of caveman/indian shaman? is that stick used to water the totem pole his shamans staff? why did he come down from the sky and use the water power to grow a tree for shade when he could have used that water to put out the sun while still in the sky?
p.s. the music synched up well with the animation

2ndself responds:

Lol, cool review >_<

He's just some wierd guy from the sky (I'll figure it out as I go along) who wanted to plant a tree to relax under on such a nice day but somehow grew an agressive totem pole >_<