Wakarimasen. Ep 1 - Balls

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Hi all!

This is the first episode oh Wakarimasen.
Wakarimasen is the funny story of three young ninjas who live in the dojo of their master Assho Fachehu.

As a tribute to at the good animes out there we decided to make this series in japanese so if you wonder why they talk so litle its because we live on the other side of the world from japan and dont know manny words yet:P

i know the animation in this is not the best. but please rather than vote zero cuz of that, please give me good feedback and tips of that i did wrong.

keep in mind that all of the series here on NG have a poorly animated first episode and i promise that i will work harder in the future.

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Lol i think that was funny. It's like some sort of skit of japanese animes. I'm looking very much forward to the seond one!


this was realy good i think you could have made the master dude go into a big lecturer about not fighting unless training and the two he is lecture in ignoring him but hey just trying to give ideas so you DONT have to


twas alright...you did put alot of effort, i'll give you that but how bout a better story line :D

mackain responds:

thank you dude^^
episode two will be longer, bettre animated, and have a more intence storlyline.. who knows maybe someone will die :O ... stay tuned ;)

Totally funny ninjas as nothing seen before!

The names, the actions, the final... humor is everytime, everywhere! I need to see a second part, because this is really awesome!

mackain responds:

thanks man^^
second part will be done sometime in early fall i think or posibalty earlyer =)

Alot of wrong

1. Turning Japanese in an old song from the 70's (or maybe 80's). It has nothing to do with Incubus.

2. "San", "Kun" ,and other name suffixes ARE NOT A PART OF A PERSON'S NAME! They are just suffixes to show how much you respect a person, but it's disrespectful not to use any suffix at all.

(Plus with the way Japanese names are you'll need them to know when you're talking about an item ,or talking about a person.)

Graphics: The drawing...well, i'm sure you did your best...

Sound: The mic is really off. Too much bass. I'm sure that' not your fault, but please pick your new mic carefully.

Style: It's overall tacky with you dojo background like that.


It seems the dark haired guy doesn't like Baka, so he needs to use something esle. "Kun" is a term of friendship (mustly used for boys).

That girl looks alil old to be called by "chan" ,unless they know her VERY well. "Chan" is usually used for pets, small children, and VERY close friends/family.


Well, good luck with all that. ^^

mackain responds:

the version of turning japanese we used was a covver bu incubus from the late 90's (you can find in on the internet)

i am fully aware that the suffixes ar not part of the acual name. san, chan, kun, sempai, sensei and so on.. bur if you read the names you will undersatd why we use the suffix (if you have a since of humor that is:P)

well i have not seen any flash by you.. so are you realy in a position to say i do poor animation?

the sounds were recorded in an real music studio so do NOT complain about that.

if you do not like our stile, the you'll have to live with it...


Sepu and Baka are friends so they use the sufix Kun on eachother

Ake is a friend of the boys and therefore the sufix san
(after all, they do live together)


thank you.^^

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Jun 18, 2007
2:15 PM EDT
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