Fletcher Fields 4

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My 74th movie.

The 4th in the "Fletcher Fields" series.


whats happening here really?

i gave it a four cuz i actually liked the first one, but i mean the whole whip it out to benny hil music thing got old real fast. i wish i could stand to watch the rest of these, but i have a feeling il just be seeing more animated dick, so i wont


twas truly a joy to watch,

Btw i think the reviewer below me is either jealous or a stalker or even both :(((

im looking forward to the next episodes :D

Rants are fun...

Well for the reviewer below me... you're either a friend of wallpaperman or you really need to get out more either way... what make you think anyone cares about what you say?

onto the major events!!! >_<

Well other then some -minor- <--(keyword) changes... it was exatically the same as 2 and 3... (I though we had rules against these things o_0) and got plot? I didn't think so... this series needs it... horribly... at least give him a gun or something! nah scratch that... he'd never be able to pass the test...

here's an idea why don't you make a flash about this character... assassinating oprah... with hijynx.. confetty... and all the lame ass jokes you can shake a stick at... Celebrity guest Dr Phil... the man you just gotta kill... you can call it
Fletcher Fields - The Movie: Not Just Mindless Garbage 0_-
*patent pending*

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wallpaperman responds:

well thats my gf which should be quite obvious but obviously u never would have thought of that because u think a gf is a guardian force, and u and ur fat nerdy friends dont come in to contact with "girls" cuz they have coodies! eww gross.

btw, the story u made sucks so much ass even ur retarded mother wouldnt like it. and she gets all the cock in town stuck up her ass. but your fat shit of a dad had his eyes fucked out by a gimp he hired then found out the gimp was too horny for his own good and had an eye fetish.

btw, dont moan at my movies until u show us your amazing flash skill and show us one.


absolutely gr8

to all you dicks that say its crap ... do you think he really cares what u think? cuz i wud never listen to any off u, and as for the one tha sed he has no balls r u just trying to make up for your own lack of balls?
anyway your a fucking twat that id love to punch in the face repeatedly ... and i am serious. execpt the ones that did good reviews :)
bibi ope you all have a wonderful day XD


It did make me laugh

wallpaperman responds:


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1.78 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2007
8:12 AM EDT
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