UltraSports Archery

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Ah, first game. AS2. The memories.
I found a great sound track from some Swedish dude. I was looking for something that made me think of sports on a summer day, and this one matched perfectly.
The game itself, utter shit, lol! I have no idea why I made an archery game were you essentially are firing blind, wtf was I thinking? The code for the 'formula' that calculates where your arrow lands on the circular target was a joke. It just took how many pixels deep your arrow landed before the collision detection box caught the hit detection, and then plotted a random hit mark related to the depth. It was completely inaccurate and due to my crappy programming at that time, many of the arrows that were launched over 100m would even go straight through the target.

Trivia - if you fire an arrow straight up, you can see behind the crowd is a stadium. It's the Fukuoka Hawks Stadium, from the town where I live in Japan.


This game is for 2 players!
Hit the ranged targets as close to the center as possible. Try to get higher than at least 45 to get one of the three medals, Bronze, Silver, Gold.
Part 2 of the UltraSports Series at: http://ydjapan.blogspot.com/


This was a pretty good archery game. The controls are fluid, the graphics are realistic, and there's plenty of variation in player number/skill. Nice work!


i love archery

nice game

cool one

that was a cool game... whether it was for 2-player or not. i think that archery is a neat sport and it's somewhat underrated on here as i havent seen too many games like this on here, so nice job there in being original. this one was quite fun to play, good graphics and gameplay, nice audio and it had a cool challenge to it.

Sweet little...

....gem you have here. The music sounded like what would have happened if somebody handed a synthesizer to Jimi when he was young instead of a guitar. Really good vibe and fun as well.

Another Archery Game?

Hey, if Archery is your thing, Archery is your thing. I just rate it. Really, the graphics were not bad at all and the game played very smooth. Out of the actual sports games... I think you have something here. Fun to play and very challanging (<-- Thats Spelled Wrong) I think this is by far the best archery game I've played. Keep it up!

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Jun 17, 2007
11:31 PM EDT
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