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Barnyard Shenanigans(old)

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I hope you have as much fun playing with the music as I do beating up old women!

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Well after seeing sheindiln's Rage I would assume the rest of your movies are going to be an epic mindfuck of weirdness and guess what?

I was right. Seriously dude come back on here when you get the chance

Bizarre short about Barnyard Shenanigans. The intro was fun, with a great theme tune. The art during the short uses fairly good quality photos and simple but neat backgrounds. It's nothing too special though, and becomes boring quickly. Only average in the end.

i liked the quotes from famous people like
never heard of it, pass the bacon - rojer ebert
the Santa was also amusing
its just cut-out animation with animals making sounds and combusting
i thought the part where the cows were shot for making the wrong noise was funny
but i have little else to say about this piece


this version realy IS the crap version, but man the other one is funny as hell.

Song Request

What's the name of the song that plays when the rabbit fucks the chicken?