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Okay, so I (Cosmodious) animated this and Remei did the voice of the character.

Animator: Cosmodious

Voice Actor: Remei

Remei said that I should do that.

I tought that maybe the whole 550 x 400 frame sizes are getting a bit old. I know it works for everyones animations and everything but there are some animations which are fantastic with bigger or smaller frame sizes.

Right, so you guys have liked (to an extent at least) the stuff I have made so far but I decided that motion tweening is over used. So I decided to make this. I know motion tween is pretty much the easiest and most impressive looking style of animation but hey, FBF is more fun.

And of course, please enjoy!


Cool =P

I liked it the only draw back was the screen size u could of make it smaller =P still pretty cool man XD

Cosmodious responds:

Well I was trying to make it the same size as the default Flash frame 550x400 I guess you didn't like that, sorry. Thanks for your review.

Funny, AGHHHHHH Naziware and teroristware noooooo!

LOL very funny i dnnt c my name in the credits thoe... hmmmm.. wot about rufusware!!!!!lol good work overall thoe but one last thing wot a rip off of animator v.s animation!!!! newho its good work man nxt time dr devine in the credits plzzzzz!!!!!! bye

Cosmodious responds:

And breath. Chill out dude. Thanks for the review.


rip off of animator vs animation

Cosmodious responds:

Hm, sort of I suppose, I wasn't really thinking of anything like that but I suppose that's how it came out

Good job!

Nice animation, cool idea, just work on the sound a little more. But everything else was really awsome! Watched it 3 times! =)

Cosmodious responds:

Cool, thanks, glad you liked it.


I love animations where the animator takes part, there always good well done

Cosmodious responds:

Thanks...wish I had something more relevant to say but you pretty much summed it all up fast. Great job.

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Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2007
7:09 PM EDT
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