!Computer Virus!

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this was meant to be in a collab but i couldnt join because me batting average was .3 under.


well, it could have been better

it was good, but animation with the people could have been better, MCR rocks, did you take alot of time doing this? if not, good

Masta12 responds:

not too much

to zink101

I had it too. I tryed Spyware Doctor, but that didn't work. Then it dissappeared.

The movie:
Good. Funny ending.

just like me, sorta

i had a virus not to long ago it was the scaryist thing to happen to me cause iv never had a virus it kept downloading some virus shit that made u pay for it first!! why would i go online and buy something while i have a virus?????? i fixed it thank god (by downloading spyware docter with virus protection....online....shut up stop laughing) and yeah....viruses bad...(i think it was a contravirus...the protection i was supposed to pay for was named contravirus...makes u wonder...) anyways i can relate good movie, yet sad....sad...it are sadiest...

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I liked it, i had the excat same thing before lol..
what was the title of the song btw?

Masta12 responds:

heaven help us by mcr


Your animation of the computer was pretty good. However, if you had at least drawn a better person, I would have given this an eight. Why couldn't you use a laugh track or something for the guy at the computer? That would have also raised your score. Overall, it was pretty good. The animation was pretty smooth and it was obvious where you were going with the plot. Next time, put a tad more effort into the drawings and I'll give it much higher.

Masta12 responds:

i looked for one but not a good laugh

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2.22 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2007
3:55 PM EDT
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