Earth Extinction

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It is slightly fast paced- let me know if you can follow the storyline. I made this animation simply to put together my animation techniques and see the end result. Tell me what you think... thx



Well firstly an answer to your question, yes i can follow the storyline easily but i think you needed a different ending instead of the one you had with the popular places around the world just displayed, i was looking for a more definitive finish. I liked your musical choice for the background though it made this very epic and i also liked that great voice acting you had for the news broadcasters. Overall an entertaining flash short.


not bad for a 1st try

+music was great
- graphics could of been better
- alien vs human fight scene coulda been longer (must have blood!!)
-tv peoples voices were lower compared to the music

other than that i have no problem with this flash just try a little harder and loner on the flash and you will have it made on ng

Ended much too soon...

For this flash, I found the music selection the best part. The graphics were perhaps a result of the style, but it seemed a bit sloppy. I laughed at the part where the first meteor feel and all the NASA guys were looking at the crash. The little alien symbol made me chuckle. Overall, I just didnt find this flash very interesting. It was funny, the animations were basic, and the sounds were nonexistant. Except for the awesome music. There was plenty of violence though with all the meteor crashes and references to a world war.

Keep working and good luck on your future flashes!!


It was good i really liked the music and the graphics were good to and the start was funny :) nice work.



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2.28 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2007
5:56 PM EDT
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