Tails Love Triangle Ep. 1

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Edit: A few people don't like the Cosmo Sprites, So If anyone knows Where to find better ones, Please tell me.
Edit #2: Woah... this has more views than my other Flash!
First off, I'd like to say that If you Hate Sprites, Tails, Cosmo, And/Or Sonic X, DO NOT View this! This was hard, & I don't want my hard work to have been wasted.
Secondly, I'd like to ask that any glitches that are found be reported. I found most of them, but I want to be sure.
Third, I'll explain the plot, for those who are too lazy to look at the plot in my Flash. After Sonic X, Tails is still depressed over the loss of Cosmo, but he has learned to carry on. Recently, he started dating Cream the Rabbit, and he now feels that she could be just as special as Cosmo. However, he feels like Cosmo could return, and, well, just watch the movie already! I hope you await the next episode!
P.S.: Try and find the easter egg! Though it should be as easy as pie...
Edit #3: looks like finding the easter egg wasn't as easy as I thought for some persistent people, so here's a hint: it's in the first scene in which Tails & Cream appear together

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i must admit on 100 percent that its taiream no offence to cosmo

make alternate endings!!!! u choose who tails picks!cosmo or cream? id choose cosmo

to tell you the truth i dont reallylike it because tails and cream should be together and cream isnt a bitch


this is cool plus i can tell that plant is made from paint



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4.55 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2007
2:39 PM EDT
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