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Generic Defense Game

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So after years of carbon-copy defense games, I thought I would spend a few days and make a crappy game mocking the genre. Then I got carried away and ended up working for weeks on what turned out to be a pretty fun game. Enjoy!

Also, feel free to host this game on your site!

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its fun but the point system is broken

the game is indeed generic though aside from the customizability in the beginning plays the parody straight instead of saterising it.

even the worst tower defence games give you enough money to buy something on the first shop screen, the gameplay is more akined to a fixed top down shooter than a defence game, basically the novelty dies pretty quickly for those who'd get the parody and just plays like yet another carbon copy flash game designed to make ad space for kids to see.

the game is functional at being a crappy defence game as intended though, it works but isn't anything special even including the self aware title.

Turns out even a generic game's fun within this genre! Great gameplay, great music, great controls... great idea too. No idea how this could be deemed generic, but whatever element of generecity that exists, it works great. Keep it going!


I liked the game but it progresses a bit fast i went from not being hit once too being swarmed i kinda of like how the turret has auto scroll it has its moments when it annoys me but without it the controls would probably be way too loose.