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Space Impact Tiny

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new update (2nd):

-missile upgrade comes faster
-start playing with enter or mouse-click
-play again with enter or mouse-click
-meteor size changes
-one new enemy

i hope there are no problems.. =)
ok... i just read your reviews and updated the game. now... LET'S

uhh yeah.. thanks a lot for the comments!

'Space Impact tiny' is one of those games you play, when you are bored...
... imagine you are sitting in front of your computer and you don't know what to do, because you've been everywhere on the web.


let's waste your time with Space Impact tiny!

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Decent idea quite entertaining the window did need to be larger though so players can see better

Well it really is tiny :P

OctoFlash responds:

yes, it is. and i just rediscovered it on this account and since it's already seven years old decided to make a 2.0 version which will be way more interesting! thanks for playing and reviewing!

Good idea but needs to be bigger

Fun idea and very addictive. The only qualm i have with the submission is the size. I would have played longer but i felt as if my eyes were being strained because of the tiny size. I'm sure many viewers didn't even participate because of the small window. I would be interested in seeing a larger version of this game. Good luck with future submissions.



Aren't all of us on Newgrounds bored though? So this game should fix us up.. Kept me busy for bout 5 - 10 mins suprisingly, until I finally got really far, 'n' died. And then couldn't be arsed to start all over again. Not a bad game, and I agree with the last review about the controls. Can ache a bit usin' my left hand, tis weird.

Not bad, kind of painfull though.

The game isn't horrible, it's a bit addictive. I just wish the controls were different. Like if you could use the arrow keys to move. I don't like constantly using me left hand, it starts to hurt after awhile. Also, a health bar would be nice or more lives. Kind of annoying that I have to start back from the beginning if I get hit once. The collision detection seemed a bit off. I got angry more than once because I moved my ship up/down thinking the ship that was flying at me had passed or been killed by a ship that I just blew up.

Not great, but not horrible. Just needs some improvements.

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2007
5:04 PM EDT