paladin dress up

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ugh people, stop fuckin writing annoying reviews, I have done this thing a year ago I am currently working (leading) two huge collabs so wait for those to come out and then judge my flash experience, also when you are writing a rewiev please dont just write that it sucks, give me construtcitve critisism

also (forgot to mention here) this game won the paladin contest as the 4th place, I got a DVD :D

yay for me

first two things:
1. dont blam this because u dont like dress ups
2. submit it into a colection
this movie was originaly made into the paladin contest hope ya like it,
thx and enjoy


I'm not much into dressup games at all. I just find them boring. This is mostly because there's just not much going on. I'm not enough of a pervert to want to see nudity. Bikinis are fine enough for me. Oh, and lingerie.

I wish these characters had eyes. I had no idea Paladin was popular enough to have its own fan game. I guess I did like it. It's a great series. This is still bad.

no offesnse but you coulnd't draw anything better i just telling the truth not tring to be mean

well it has good music =]

the fuck is this?

Well, i am going to be nice here. dont overdo when replying here. I have some suggestions...
1. The stuff dont match the characters. this is a very very very big flaw.
2. and in the author comments, you should not claim bullshit like "dont blam this please submit this in a collection" because that might lead to a bad end for you.
3. these outfits are actually about 0.855% good to the best ones. so you might needto improve cause it means theyre bad.
4. some of the outfits do not make sense in any way. you made it look like you had fun while making these shit outfits such as black mage kula or shit like that.
Sooooooooo... 0/10 0/5 and i dont even see how this passed judgement; its extremly close do being removed off the portal cause like 200 votes and a score of 1.49 or lower will remove the sumbission. try again dude. your walking on the right side :)


there are eyes if you can't see them zoom in p.s. it was good but.......... you need to add more stuff

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Jun 11, 2007
2:59 PM EDT
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