The 1990s

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some stupid cartoon i made for US history. i did it and finished it in one sitting.

omg i cant believe i did so much in one night. but man i had to bullshit the whole thing. watever. enjoy.


Yeah, you can tell this was made pretty lame. I will admit that it's always nice to learn about history. I mean, you got your facts quite accurate. I grew up at this time so I associate with it! It's nice to look back. It seems like modern stuff is better than ever.

I am simply amazed by Michael Jackson. Everyone was making rape jokes about him, but Bill Cosby is thirty times worse! Even for celebrity pedophiles, Jared is a lot worse too. It's nice to look into history too. I don't remember many historical events in the late 1990's.


Hey its me again,
I see in your most recent animations that you are using random and fast and "messy" animation, which is good to try something different. Sorry, but I'm gonna be very critiqued on this. I didn't enjoy this piece. Of course, I could understand this was done in one sitting, but like all school assignments, you should manage your time and give your project more time to work on. The humor is understandably not my cup of tea and sound was crap, like never use headphone mic. Remember: time management. All in all, this is a score I think it should get. Sorry about the harshness.
Peace Out

KenSkaii responds:

this was sloppy work. i would give myself a lower score because of the lack of effort. i cant wait to post my much better works soon

I liked it!

It was funny, and overall, it was pretty good. The sound was annoying, but that was obviously due to the headphones. You did a good job for something you made in one night.

KenSkaii responds:

thanks. yea it was annoying having to work with bad sound. i didnt have time to fix it. i dont think i slept that night

I didnt Think that was Good

The Sound wasent Great, as Siad in many other Reviews. It Was also Very Boring and Not Funny.

Constructive - Improve Sound, Use Better Animation. Voted 1, Since i didnt Find it Good. But, Good Luck with This!

KenSkaii responds:

i had not enough time to add good animation or to make good sound. i can doo much much bettet than this. you'll see

you best be happy, Bryan.

there. i voted for your crazy ass. lovely job as always.
but seriously, headphone mic = bad.

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3.07 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2007
9:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody