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Commissar Zombie Pt. 1

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Author Comments

Edit: Yeah the menu sucks, i know, and there's no challenge. That's why it's part one...part two will fix most of these problems

Ok...another commissar game...but with slight improvements!
In this installment your in a barren wasteland where you fight....zombies! didn't see that one coming did you?
Shoot, duck, jump and survive!
The controls are as follows...
up :face up
left, right: move
ctrl :fire
alt :missile
space: shoot down diagonally

Got that? NOW PLAY IT!!

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good potential

This game looks great and has a good style. However everything else is awful. Need sound effects. The controls are bad, when I would hit alt for rocket my browser when open the menu and I would have to click on the game to continue. I fail to see the point of punching. The game could be really good but right now it sucks.

Great Style, but no substance.

Easily one of the best looking games i've seen on this site, but nothing to it. If i wanted something that looked good, but was less satisfying i'd be shtupping a super model. However, i'm sure you could include a few new features that would improve the game.

1. point spending system or powerups to increase firepower rate.

2. A jump, or block, or dodge button.

3. get better music, because on my computer it just sounded like it was from an old eight track.

4. a zoom function for kicks would be neat.

It's very pretty...

Apart from the very pretty graphics (the menu not included...) the game was terrible. There is no jump function, or complicated terrain. It's just a straight line with zombies, and then some sort of invincible puking tank. You just go to a zone, hold down ctrl, wait, go to the next zone, and repeat. When I finally got to the tank boss thing, it turned out to be a game of standing far away and holding down alt, thus bombarding it with missiles. Could have at least made the tank shoot at me instead of just having dozens of zombie pukes spawn from the middle of the sprite.

After shooting the tank for quite some time, the game apparently got as bored as I did because it suddenly quit back to the menu. Perhaps I hit an odd key combo or something in an attempt to find something that might cause something to happen.

If you want to get stuck on the tank faster you can merely run past all of the zombies. Bit of a gameplay problem there.

The sounds were fine, except not all the effects had sounds scripted to them and the volume was odd. My machinegun is silent, and rockets are quieter than a zombie up-chucking somehow.

Overall, the game needs to be turned into an actual game rather than an interactive slideshow of a robot shooting zombies. Add things like jumping, interactive levels, multiple paths, or even monsters that don't just shamble at you and die.


well I thot the menu was funny because here u are expecting a shizzay game cuz such a crappy menu and then u push play and suddenly ur playin this tight azz game w/great graphics lol. I mean I do suspect u just put together the game w/ other ppls sprites but oh well, it's still pretty fun to play even if u didn't make all the art urself. I think if u touched it up and put in ur-half of the effort instead of just slapping together sprites and stuff this game could make front page fo'sho. Goodluck

Preety good BUT

Nice Game great graphics but i just dont feel its your own work because the menu is poor am i mean realoly really poor though my worlk is no where near as good as the actualoly ingame graphics i can still get the same score because of the menu i think with a better menu you could get a lot higher score also you need to make the ai more inteligant as i could walk past them they only walk and first forward they need to follow you you may also wish to make jump an option apart from that sound was a bit let down the sound effects where really quiet bad sound as if you had done them over a mic wish is cool but you need to do some sound editing to make them more realistic to the game and you may wish to add some music i gave you a 4/5 though if the menu and sound where better i would have give 5 so go on do yourself some good if you want help i can do if for you just mesage me

Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2007
1:43 PM EDT