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FFXI: The Moogle~

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Basic Plotline: Aoshi decides to go back to Bastok after a hectic day in Jeuno (<<Pointy Hats). BUT when he gets there he finds himself in the center of an act. Things go wrong when Moogie takes things a step too far though. But as FFXI players know, for every adventurer there's a moogle =/

Don't expect too much, I kinda lost it midway and didn't know what to do with it anymore; that's randomness! But yeah, players of FFXI will appreciate some of the scenery and like one of my buds said it's good if you're just plain feeling out there ^-^


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Never fuck with us Moogles, kupo. -Alexander Kupel

The only way I'd play an FF MMO is if Moogles were a playable race.

When is the last time i went to bas

havent played this game in years very nice

The music when all the Moogles came in...

Was that the music that plays when you race on Epona to win her on Ocarina of Time?

very good this animation

these are really moogles mal'-'...

hint: never hurt a moggles '-'

Funny ^^

I liked the Mario Party music (if there was even one lol)