London 2012 Olympic games

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I have recreated the Logo and created this film ^^
P.S. if you have Photosensitive epilepsy then go see another flash instead. Thanks

For more good stuff feel free to go to www.Wartorious.com :-) I won't stop you

(Set to low quality for speed) YAY LONDON TOWN!


well,you need more music!

i like music so what is that music is?
like=how to be a guitar hero!cool!!!

this is worst than I thought

no action, no movie action, no character plays!!!? ok that is it no movies alowed just like titlelympic


I can see what you are trying to do and indeed I chuckled a bit. But a few second loop wont do as a flash in my opinion.

Also next time set the default quality to medium and up the frames per second. That should increase your SPM (Seizures per Minute)

PS: Dragooooooooonfoooooorce!

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WARTORIOUS responds:

I can see you, im a dragon force! are you trying to do sewing and reading at the same time? indeed I chuckled a bit. But a few small grapes fell in seconds and loop of golden honey wont do a beehive of good in a cold yellow moocow as a flasher is a man with no cloths in my opinion.

Also next time you take a bath set the default water quality mater to medium and up the turning and spinning frames per year in a few seconds. That should increase your ability to drink beer and SPM (Seizures per Minute)

PS: N00000000000000000000000000B

Photosensitive epilepsy

Wowsers, make a bigger warning for photosensitive epilepsy people. I was like "wtf" when those colours and shapes appeared, lol, overall grade WTF, D.


this isnt the interlude to the 2012 olypics buddy, this is theee most boring flash ever, please add somthing else in, and if somthing was added make it happen sooner, good animation though

WARTORIOUS responds:

sorry if you were bored, maybe I need more flashing stuff huh? ^^

Thanks for seeing the animation too. the flowers come from the middle and go continuously outwards ^^

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1.78 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2007
8:28 PM EDT
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