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Woah, it's WoW! Episode 3

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Author Comments

So very, very late. But you can stop poking me now!

Kind of stopped working on it for a good 5-ish months before coming back to it, so if you notice a change of quality about halfway in, that'd be the reason. The tauren sucks, I know, but I'm happier with the animation everywhere else. Enjoy!

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This was great. You should continue the series. I'm sure quite a few people will watch it.

i hope she wasnt serious for his sake...


i play wow since 9 years now i have 17....plz help xd


funny group noob i ever seen! i wanna more to see Whoa, it's WoW! Episode 4. film is epic! keep going guys!


U should mae a short where the tauren lands in stormwind, then laughs and dies or something.