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Minushi - Chapter 8

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See how Minushi was made in the eight-part "making-of" video at:


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meh pretty good

i have a couple of questions 1. how would one man manage to drag a huuuuuuuuge robot back to his house then manage to somehow get it under his house? and also why owuldnt the military just follow the robot if they needed the tech so badly? still its pretty goood which is great seeing as how it has so many problems

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"This is very...dissapointing"

Hey, you and I think alike, evil dude. This series is starting to dissapoint me too.

"Trixy baby, anything you need."
"Lights off.... .. ..... ................. ...... ........... . ..lights on."
Needless to say that dude is starting to creep me out.

Look, I've said in a previous review it is so far a good series, and it is. It is simply starting to dissapoint me. Alot of work was put into it and I think that may be the problem; when so much of a series is good the bad things in them stick out like a sore thumb. Problems: Predictable, non-realistic, problems with characters, etc.

I think this may possibly be one of my last reviews for this series as it seems to be going downhill (I dont mean to sound stuck up) and I dont think I should bother to write another.

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Once's again, with feeling. Episods 5 -8

I'm still liking this series, but it seems that the story is losing its ability to keep me watching.

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The devil is in the coding

Awsome tastic

So many questions left to answer

I'm really wondering what does Mr.Tinker want with Kahl and Trixie (hope that's the name). Also, when the guy said that thing about the myth Mr.Tinker popped in my mind. Well, I'm going to watch the Chap. 8, great job.

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3.95 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2007
2:36 PM EDT