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>>> If there are lag issues press Q to change Quality. If lag resumes...sorry =(
CoolioDJ is a game created with a different kind of gameplay than usual rhythm games. 7 levels, 3 unlocks, 10 total. Enjoy!

What the critics say bout CoolioDJ -
"Game development is my profession, and I can say that Coolio has more potential (particularly as a designer/producer) than anyone I went to school with, and he's just FIFTEEN. Keep an eye on this kid - he'll go places if he decides to get serious with his games." - GoldenJoe24
"Tons of Fun (and other cliched phrases)" - ericdrebin
"SHOOP DA WHOOP" - the-amazing-joe
"LOL Bewbs" - Donutmaster

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I found this to be a good game. I recognize the logo from some of your other games. Wait, you're not the only one who uses that, right? It was interesting to see how far I could get. Why it didn't have that much variety, I didn't really care. I liked how it was challenging with how the two slides moved independently of each other.

They're called slides, right? Dang, that's the second time I've used "right?" in this review. I thought the music was pretty interesting. It could have been more elaborate, though. It's been awhile since I've played a rhythm game and I'm glad to do it again.

coolio is cool even the song @gangsters paradise love this game


It's Hard at 1st but it gets awesome later on...


it is kind of hard but not impossible. very fun. my best streak is x55.


just about got carpal tunnel but i love this game and the music!

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4.41 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2007
8:27 PM EDT