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- CoolioDJ -

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>>> If there are lag issues press Q to change Quality. If lag resumes...sorry =(
CoolioDJ is a game created with a different kind of gameplay than usual rhythm games. 7 levels, 3 unlocks, 10 total. Enjoy!

What the critics say bout CoolioDJ -
"Game development is my profession, and I can say that Coolio has more potential (particularly as a designer/producer) than anyone I went to school with, and he's just FIFTEEN. Keep an eye on this kid - he'll go places if he decides to get serious with his games." - GoldenJoe24
"Tons of Fun (and other cliched phrases)" - ericdrebin
"SHOOP DA WHOOP" - the-amazing-joe
"LOL Bewbs" - Donutmaster

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that was nice

It was hard at first but it great :D

had some fun playing this

Really creative idea!! Good job!!

Came back in 2019 because I was playing Geometry Dash and was having a flashback about childhood Newgrounds rhythm stuff.

BUT: There was another song in that old memory(???). It was like "Inferno" or "Inferno (Something)" and I remember it was super insane. Am I crazy? Is there another game out there that's a sequel, or did this game get changed at some point? I got Rock Master on everything here and was like, "Wait, that's it?" I swear there was this one other song...

Anyway, me losing my mind aside, excellent game. Brought me back after like a decade at least, so you know it planted itself good somewhere in those neurons. Thanks for the nostalgia!!

Edit: Infernoplex!!! That was the name of the song. I swear to God it was on here, and I want back into my native dimension ASAP please.