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I made this is a couple of days. I didn't think I would make a full flash film, but I guess I did. I've had this idea for a while, but just never bothered to make it. This is my third flash film, fifth submission to Newgrounds. I don't have much to say except enjoy the film. Hope you like violence

UPDATE 12/15
I have uploaded this to youtube, if anyone cares, so I thought I would post the link on here. It also has doubled the framerate, but that is just because I thought 12 fps was kinda poor. I plan on putting the 24 fps version on here soon.
http://youtube .com/watch?v=ti-nzHROsDo

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very good

well my friend a very funny flash. i still think we need to make hiro penis

Very funny

LOL well done. Short, simple and to the point. The graphics were above par, the animation was good and the sound was clear. I normally give some sort of constructive criticism but i don't think this movie needs any. It contained the proper mixture of violence, humor and animation making it one of the better entries i have seen all day.


Wigallo responds:

Thanks for the good review. I actually know I could have done better animation on the guy (frame-by-frame) for turning. When I submitted it I wasn't sure of how funny it was, but after seeing the reviews I know =P. Surprised you don't have any criticizim when you gave it an 8/10.


That was a very entertaining flash short. I liked your character design for the main guy and that scene when you zoom into the warning sticker and have that animation of the character pushing over the vending machine was the highlight of that flash for me. I like how you not only had voice acting but you also put in speech bubbles which helped a lot when it was hard to understand what was said. I loved the ending. Overall a very well done flash.


Wigallo responds:

Ya my whole basis when making this was the warning sticker. I just remember one daye I thought "I need to make another Flash" because I had only made two and they weren't that good. I was walking in a doctor's office and there was a vending machine. I looked at the warning sign and I thought, "What if they showed the rest?" Because all they show is him rocking the machine. For the speech bubble part, I did that part first before voice. In fact I almost submitted it without voices, but then I thought about, asked my friends, and they said do it. Also I winged most of the flash. The only thing I know I was going to put in it was the warning sticker part. The rest was all while I was animating. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I really like it when people review my flashes. Thanks for the review.

Funny as hell

That was a great flash. The soda falling over and they hey bob made my day. Hope I see more from you :)


Wigallo responds:

Ya. I made everything up as I went along. I started making the stick part just because I thought it would be funny. The guy grabbing the pop came into my head after I animated the machine falling. Then I decided to make the guy at the end and beginning so it would make more since going on Newgrounds. I'm happy that is getting so many reviews. I'm even more happy that a lot of people are saying I want to see more from you. Don't worry, I got the summer and no social life =P.


Ya that movie was pretty good, lol, was pretty random too. Graphics weren't perfect of course but not bad at all. Good job, make some more.

BTW WTF is marin?

Wigallo responds:

I don't want to say. I want it to be one of those jokes you have to find out by accident, or by yourself. But I'll give you one clue, it's means something in Italian. Good luck figuring it out! Oh and thanks for enjoying the film and giving it a 10/10 and (hopefully) a 5/5.

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4.30 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2007
5:11 PM EDT
Comedy - Original