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Death of Eskimo Bob

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This is the death of eskimo bob, tell me wat u think and also check out my website.

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corny. In fact it was so corny it was funny! :D

I didn't like seeing Bob die.

How could you?! Waaa! Just kidding! :) But really,this sucked.
It looked exactly like EB,but the sound and voices were crap. Style was creative,and EB's always making fun of DBZ! Too much violence for EB. Humorous,but not too funny. Why anyone would want to kill Eskimo Bob,I don't know. I'd give it a 6. What will you do next,kill Strong Bad from Homestar Runner?! :(

sorry but that was bad

first off to all of you who told him to Fack off your not doing much better, at least be decent and just say it was bad plot and stuff like that.
Secondly there has been much, much worse all over the portal, so stop writing that was the worst thing i've seen in my hole life, ect...
Anyways to the author yeah youve done better, alot better but this is old. (as far as I know)
and the graphics were decent.

well you can keep good work coming in, like barney's desperate need of anger manegement. Nothing more like this, PLEASE!

Good copy, but not good enough

The characters look just like the real things. But, if you're going to kill Eskimo Bob, you should have done it a little more interestingly. Just my opinion.


I hate that little bitch eskimo bob! I am happy that green dick shaped eskimo kill him

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2.51 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2001
9:16 PM EST