BPA 101

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This is like a test and lesson.

This is like an introduction to my new blood style, and it's a little lesson on BPA (Bloodstain Pattern Analysis)

It's bloody, fun, and educative (but in a cool,bloody way :D)




Yeah that was rather interesting and cool at the same time the only thing this actually lacked was a little sound to go with it. Adding sound and elaborating a bit would be an improvment you could add some buttons to advance text to smooth this a little more and you would really have something.

Here is an idea why not make a larger movie one that contains a menu leading to different types of trauma done in this style with a little sound and such as mentioned above I think it would turn out really good.

stikkilla responds:

thanks dude. Yeah, I will make a little movie thing that has a collection, and some sound. Thanks, for the tip!

Needs more.

Not a enough things,its just bloodsplattering.

Unusual and good

Good art
OK text
Good info

I think the references should be explained. What is BPA? Perhaps it could do with some links.
I was interested in the two colour shades, what was the significance of that?
I think it could be more impressive if you put the sequence into a little scene- a kind of context- at the end, with a cause, sound and a background so that we can fully appreciate how what we have seen relates to 'real' animation. If you feel like brushing up the text PM me and I will proof read it for you.
Yes, do more.

stikkilla responds:

um, I did explain BPA..

Like the effect

I like the way that you described this, recently i have seen movies like this that were really poor and yours is the exception. Maybe try putting it into a movie one day?

One problem- The blood wasn't actually realistic.

Falling blood doesn't seperate in the air, it seperates on the way down. Also, all splatters should be lots of little strokes, not one big thick stroke. And why was there a drag blood line down the wall if the stick was standing sideways to the wall?

stikkilla responds:

Oh, but what if the impact was great , and his head slid on the wall? :D

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Jun 5, 2007
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