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GradiumV2:Enemies Inbound

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Author Comments

This is version 2 of the game I submitted a while ago. I couldn't add all the functionality to the game I wanted to due to the short amount of time I had left to finish it, so I redid some stuff. Things added include mute button, pause button, harder hard mode and other things :P If you want the off line version of this game, PM me, it lags a LOT less.

Enjoy the new version! Hopefully it will do better then the last :P

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I love shooters that offer ships with noticable differences

I find it strange to play a shooter without some sort of overkilling superbeam weapon and weapon powerups etc, but still, very good :P


-Good Gameplay
-Nice ship-choosing

-Really fast movement

~Review Request Club~

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
A very solid shooter game. Lots of neat ships...I like the menu to choose them, and they were all pretty unique in their firepower and design. Smooth game play, easy to get addicted to.

^^Needs Improving^^
The graphics weren't that great. Could have improved that a bit to make it more interesting.

Good but not anything special

The graphics were done well for the most part. I wasn't to keen on the ship designs though. Some of them didn't look much like ships at all. There were alot of ships to choose from. Each ship had a different gun padern etc. I would of perfered to start of with a basic ship and then get powerd up as you go insted of choosing.

The thing is that the space shooter genre is realy wieghed down. And this wasn't anything special.

A good game but nothing new.

~Review Request Club~

Skeik responds:

I got a bit of complaints about how people would rather have one ship being improved rather then what I have now. I really liked the idea of having different ships, even if some of them were just blobs XD. I was going to make one ship in the next game that parts could be added to.

Pretty good

I think the tutorial needs more - a description about collecting power and the green 'missiles' that certain enemies fire - it doesn't give too much away about the game and the whole thing still looks pretty damned good.

I wasn't too keen on the star movement, as they conflicted a little with the missiles on the first boss, making it quite difficult. Still, I got past it and was overall impressed with the limited progress I made with the second level.

Any plans for further games, or would you make the move towards other things?

[Review Request Club]

Skeik responds:

I'm going to make another Gradium one day, but not any time soon. It'll probably be next year. Thanks for your review, I'll keep the star field and the tutorial in mind when I get started on the sequel.

Credits & Info

4.28 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2007
2:02 AM EDT