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RPG Battle Simulation 1.1

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Version 1.1 is now out! Here is a list of changes:

-Fixed a bug that made your HP go to 0 after the enemy uses Lightning Strike. (Thanks Crazy-Pigeon for reporting)
-Added minimum and maximum values. (Thanks videogamer0810 for the suggestion)
-Extended and modified the tutorial section.
-Removed "extras" to reduce lag, filesize, and buggy issues.
-Customizable names for magical attacks.
-Increased framerate to 35 instead of 25. (Thanks videogamer0810 for the suggestion)
-Much better menu backround. (Thanks 50vmp for the suggestion)

Make sure you read the tutorial before you use it to get an idea of how to use it. If you find any bugs please include it in your review, also, if you have any suggestions, please include it in your review. I'll be happy to take suggestions! Have fun with RPG Battle Simulation!

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dang that lightning storm attack is more effective than my depression

it was pretty good, my only suggestions is maybe make a battle editor and add more fighters.


wow sir u r a genius only thing make this better are more fighters


not many people know how to make a half decent turn based battle game perhaps a story and the menus could be touched up a bit maybe make use of the tint and alpha options effects not just a plain drag and drop box as a menu it just looks rough and presentation makes all the difference


I loved all the things you could control in this game, My only complaint is the number of characters. Id like to see more character choices or a part mode.