Harbinger: Teaser-Trailer

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Harbinger, formerly known as Scythe: The bounty hunter, is due to be released by the middle to end of next month. I hope you are all looking forward to the release!


Nice. Like a movie trailer.

Very nice. I can tell you have poured your heart and soul into this. The future-like computer 3D flashness was AMAZING! Almost like something out of Star Wars...or Star Trek. Dunno. :P ^o^

And to all the other reviewers...

THIS IS A GODDAMN TEASER TRAILER! A "teaser" does NOT have to show action or some shit like that. My Gods, you are all fucking shallow! I...I can't- I ...goddammit, I just give up on you fuckers who just votes poor on this because of, "no action" or "no hentai".


As for your flash, I really can't wait to see the full project!

Oh yeah, the end quotes are what nearly everybody questions on this filthy piece of rock we call home. To be honest, once we get rid the fuck of modern American politics, we call all live in peace.

At least, for the next 100 years...

Yideungbyung Kim

sjromegared responds:

I'm glad SOMEONE understands. Thank you for the insightful review, not like most on Newgrounds. You're absolutely right, teasers don't have to show the action, it's just small bits and peices to get the audience excited.



what just happened? u should've put more bing into it. what was even goin on?

can't wait

could have been longer of a trailer and i think that u spelled harbringer wrong. can't wait

sjromegared responds:

Nope. try "Harbinger" on google.


calling it a teaser didn't seem to suit it

sjromegared responds:

How so?

A trailer.

Nothing too new or interesting at all. No action. No violence. No humor. You ought to add some kind of hook, like at least a 5 second fight scene like someone's arm getting chopped off or shot or SOMETHING! or maybe a joke or two. The dialogue was good but cliché. I hope the actual thing turns out much better.
Did anyone else get horrible FPS in like the first couple of seconds also?

sjromegared responds:

This "horrible" FPS was most likely caused by the amount of moving graphics in the scene, I suggest you turn the quality down, or upgrade your CPU, ram, and Video Card, or both.

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3.32 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2007
8:28 PM EDT