Rude-Boy & Junior: Ep. 6

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This was hard to make, but it's probably our best. It took 3 months, but the result is great! It's actually based on Mama's Boy's experiences with Flash.

I am sorry to say that this is the last episode of this season. It was fun, but all good times have to come to an end. It seems like just yesterday Rudy and I were planning to make our first episode. 10 months and 6 episodes later, here we are, done with the first season, and ready to plan the next. So all you Rude-Boy and Junior fans, stay tuned for Rude-Boy and Junior Season 2: Coming in September.

Having this episode be our best episode is a good way to end a season if you ask me (but don't ask me). So enjoy this episode, and be prepared for an exciting new season.

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the ending was great!
showtime at the apollo

ha good shiz

i know the solution to your problem.

The funny parts in this cartoon lacked humor. You know, the stuff that makes babies laugh and old people poo themselves in delight. Your animations were good enough, but since the dialogue was about as entertaining as reading a phonebook, I'd have to suggest hiring someone known to be other (other than your mom) to write your jokes. FTW.

it was good..

it was good but, like scb said the cheek going into a point thing....no good. and the jokes were kinda lame, but! id like 2 see more!

wow guys...

that was some pretty good drawing/animation, but i have a few things to point out- the way rude boys cheek came in at a point that didnt connect made it look bad, i sometimes noticed that an pupil would slip below the white part of the eye, and the overlapping looked really cheap.

the worst part of this was the humor. i heard an un-godly amount of jokes that had already been used to death. you really need to have someone help you out with that, because honestly, that made the flash unbearable.

Cmon Guys

The animation looked good, it did, smoothly tweened stuff, nicely done, but the humour, where was it? Seriously, i'm sure you guys can conjure up some funny..

If you want some advice, remove the overlapping lines, they look ugly (if you dont know what i mean, check out your character that has glasses, the singing one, and check his nose, the nose line hangs over the rim of his glasses, looks like a rush job), other than that, work on some funny script, maybe make the facial features more distinct too.

But seriously.... fun-ny.. thats all you need, but its the hardest thing to get, i hope my review helped.

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2.90 / 5.00

May 31, 2007
5:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Original