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Screen Kiss

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Spot the hottie and win your Screen Kiss!


I found this to be a pretty good game. I really like the idea of a hot girl kissing you. Then again, it's not that real. I'm being too pervy for wanting anything more. I'm usually good with these kinds of games. It's amazing how one level made over 100,000 points difference.

I guess it's easy that way. The graphics aren't quite that good. There isn't really anything too noteworthy about this. I'm still glad it was made, though. You could probably skip it.

Woo, this was a pretty neat idea. I like how the chicks change between each scene, even if it's just the outer appearance, they still behave the same... and how new characters keep popping up, monkeys men... aliens. :D It gets pretty difficult after a few rounds too, nice game!


not bad one

nice graphics in this one here... but that was pretty much it. the concept for a flash is original, but the 'screen kiss' idea outside of that has been done countless times... also making it unoriginal. your efforts were nice in this one and because of that, it made it worth checking out.

not that interesting

Kinda boring, though the graphics was good though...


Great skills in terms of graphics. I recommend making a few movies in the future rather than just sticking with games

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3.00 / 5.00

May 31, 2007
2:20 AM EDT
Skill - Other