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Paths Flash Game

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This is a bit of an update, the last one had some levels missing, and a guy found a cheat! so thats been removed ;-)

Thanks for looking, it's a nice simple game to pass a few mins, hope you like it, and thanks to "life" for the cool tune :-)

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it was cool, not bad, but i found another cheat. if i press tab, then press right, then press a button will not tell, it goes rihgt into the end of the level. it was tab+ richt click+ ? = level finish.
not tell what the ? is. its a button. pm if you like to know.


I didnt like the music....

remember me from hallowscream???


this is a good game, the music reminds me of rugrats for some reason and that makes it EVEN MORE ANNOYING! o well. this is a great game still! and like all mouse pointer games, you can cheat by pressing alt then roll your mouse to a spot then hit esc. BIG PROBLEM the corkscrew level is UNBEATABLE. When you get to the center your ball hits BUT THERES NOTHING THERE! ive tried it over 50 times, ive even tried using the alt+esc cheat and putting my mouse DIRECTLY OVER THE GOAL but still no luck. fix that and ill vote it a 5.

annoying music and lag

I really liked the shortcut idea, but...
1) there were many levels that looked just plain dull and uninteresting
2) the music sucked, and there was no option to turn it off/down
3) the ball lagged like hell... if it's a matter of my CPU, then there should be some control of quality or whatnot... seriously

hey..i was the one who found the cheat :)

good job...you fixed it...

old cheat that used to work: point mouse at goal press tab press enter :)