Surprise! (Reprise)

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A shadowier figure walks up to an even-more-than-last-time average home on an even-more-than-last-time average street on a stormier night, or possibly evening...

This is a re-do of something I did a few months ago, which I have redrawn with my new graphics tablet, so I think that helped it a little bit. It's nicer-looking, and actually smaller in terms of filesize. I hope you enjoy it.

(Oh, and sorry if you saw this a few days ago - although it scored well, I don't think it got a fair shot because of all the Lock Day Submissions - don't worry, I removed the first submission).


Pretty good.

The graphics were mostly pretty good but it was kind of bland at parts.

Overall a good flash but the lack of movement kind of made it dry. Also by naming it "SUPRISE" I kind of expected a suprise. You should've named it something with a overwhelmingly scary name or something.

Good job overall; add more movement and you will be fine.


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SF-Flash-Team responds:

Thanks for the constructive criticism! I thought maybe Surprise! could possibly mean it was some sort of slasher, but I guess not. Anyway, thanks, glad you liked it.


Good job, nice animation, good everything, you kept it more then average, the shortness of it is why i'm only giving a 4 out of 5

SF-Flash-Team responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it - perhaps I shall be more daring next time and do something more lengthy.

pretty good

it was good but needs some work nice job

SF-Flash-Team responds:

Like what? Thanks, anyway, I appreciate that.


Nice graphics....good sound...and very unexpected too :p

SF-Flash-Team responds:

Excellent, then I have succeeded in my task! Thanks!


That suprised me

SF-Flash-Team responds:

Excellent, that was the intention. Thanks, I appreciate it!

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3.33 / 5.00

May 28, 2007
6:13 PM EDT
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