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This is my first "serious flash" I've EVER made. I usually make animations with toilet humor and poo and stuff.
Poo is great, but I wanted to try something else.
The story isn't amazing but I did dream about this a wile ago.



good very good but if you dreamed about it then it might had happened while u were dreaming it meaning that you have a gift which is creepy but good flash

Twas good

You reviewed my movie so im repaying the favor. I really liked it. I like that it stopped where it did. Good Good Good it wer good.

I enjoyed that

Its a short story but not a bad one imo, certainly a creepy dream. Were you the eyewitness or the guy with the gun? :D

I dont think it was too long. Given the title which is well chosen the build up suspense is needed. Also the music works fine, Im thinking you could have chosen some scary music, but the mood of the song you did choose is more that of a dream.

I gave it 5/5 for the style and generally because I enjoyed it.

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you can see you put work in it

which is good! You really have potentional to make a really good movie if youd make it a little longer, a bit more story etc etc :D

Of course i dont know if you want to, but this proves you could IMO :)

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What took so long?

As I was watching this movie, I just did not feel interested in the story. Slow fade ins and fade outs, and the slow walking. A lot of the movie felt like filler. It might be a way to build up suspense, but it's sort of the cheap, slow way to build this kind of suspense. So, not bad for your first dramatic flash, nice backgrounds, it just was too slow.

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3.33 / 5.00

May 28, 2007
8:45 AM EDT
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