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Well, this time I thought I'd make a game in 1 day, so I did, this one is irrelevant to any holidays that may or may not exist.

The objective of the game is to simply bounce a ball for as long as possible. You wish, as you progress, more balls begin to fall, and it gets more difficult, you'll find yourself constantly purchasing power-ups and still letting balls past ;).

There's not really much else to say, this was made out of boredom through the whole of yesterday. The music was cut out of the demo song from Reason 3.0.

Good luck and have fun!

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Pretty cool!

Awesome idea for a game! At one ball I was like "I can do this forever," at two I was like "kinda hard but I got it," and when it got to three I was like "OMGWTFBBQ!!!"

Nice game, overall, just a bit hard. ^^

what a hard game!

it took me a couple oftries to figure out there was a upgrade menu lol. in your new game (if your making one) when you buy an upgrade and one upgrade is on can you fill up the bar, if you know what i mean. also the option to decorate the bat and the balls. great game!

Haha it was fun

Dude where'd you get that music? I freaking love it. It reminds me of the music they play in the lounge/lobby area of a night club where they check your id and everything haha. Great stuff.

Jindo responds:

Unfortunately, it was in the demo song that comes with a music program called Reason 3.0, I can send you the full mp3 over PM if you like.

Thanks for the review!

Bit of a time-waster

The graphics might not be there, the music may be a bit annoying, but the game itself is stylish and somewhat addictive. A solid time waster, it gets HARD very quickly! Especially when there's more than 5 balls going at once.

Jindo responds:

Since I set myself a 1-day deadline, you know not to expect much for graphics ;).

The music was cut from the demo song of Reason 3.0, so there's always a sound off button on the menu ;).

And yes, the main idea of the game was to get hard fast, people playing at first will complain how easy it is, until another ball comes down, and they notice the levels, scoring and pausing, you really do need the power-ups to get beyond level 8 ;).

Thanks for the review!

it gave me something to do and was entertaining

this was a good submission for only a days work.
maybe if you want a sequel make more upgrades/different ball types/different music.

Jindo responds:

I plan on making a sequal/upgrade over time, whilst this one will have mild updates to fix the few bugs remaining.

Thanks for the review :)!

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2.79 / 5.00

May 28, 2007
6:14 AM EDT