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Second Issue

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Author Comments

The Second Issue is finally here! It makes sense to watch First Issue before you watch this one. The defeated youth stews while our hero finds he has to stop both a runnaway train and the villain onboard from killing hundreds of passengers. With a cliffhanger ending...
If you like it, I'd love it to be submitted to the Noir section or something.

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Not bad, again :)

I'm still not convinced with the 3-color scheme, but at least there was no Frank Sinatra music going on while the hero did his hero stuff. And just for that, you get an extra star :P

wached 2 secs of it

u did the black red and wihte thing again i hate that

the-fridge86 responds:

Hey, thanks. So you don't needlessly waste any more of your time, I'd suggest you don't bother with the Fourth Issue either.

this is awesome

and not just like "this is an awesome hotdog" but like "woah the universe is huge and awesome".

anyways i prefer the style and animation in the first 2 compared to the third one. i do love it keep it up.

its better

the drawing is almost near perfect but the animation sucks in movement stuff but my main consearn is the fact that the writing goes too fast for me to read. im almost a slow reader but slow enough for me not to read all thats in the animation. you should make a feature that makes is so when the viewer is done reading have them click on a continue > then play the movie. makes it more interactive and makes it so that people of all reading speeds can see what you have to say

the-fridge86 responds:

Thanks for the review. A lot of the drawing involved drawing around poses I could find in my comics and I experimented for the first time with rotoscoping for the hand opening and dropping the bullets. I think your idea about the "continue" button is a good one and I'll use it in the future.
Thanks again.