Shin ArkAngel - 02

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Hello all,
It's been a long time since the last episode and I apologise for that.
I've had some serious upheaval to contend with in the real world over the past 6 months so production has been slow.

I hope to see the third episode up very soon.
Anyway here is episode 2 in all its glory! Please if you have any questions click on the link to my site and join the forum.
All constructive criticism welcome and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again!
Paul Foy - 28/05/07



wow, good job man
and it kinda reminds me of gundam seed, but then again, doesnt every mecha animations on newgrounds?
good job dude

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Son-Finale responds:

Thank you my friend!

still reeks of evangelion

your spike spiegel imitation poser has the biggest boner on this side of mandigo

Pretty Cliche, But Not Bad At All

This is pretty impressive stuff though, an actual mech flash on Newgrounds, pretty different. I do like the animations, I mean animating fighting robots is no easy feat and the backgrounds ain't that bad either. One issue I have is the sound, it's so quiet most of the time and some of the voice acting is kinda whacky. Other then that keep it up, I'd like to see how far this series can go.

Also to all the people saying he's copying Evangelion and Eureka 7.... huh, oh ok, I guess Gundam Wing copied Evangelion since both involve robots and school kids, guess Eureka 7 copied either Wing or Evangelion since they all deal with kids and robots, oh and and you know what I think, Zone Of The Enders must've copied all of them too since you know ZotE took the kid piloting a giant robot idea as well.

Plagiarism is not a good idea

I am totally totally agree with Bubbowrap, the reviewer before me.

He says:

I'm not going to completely berate you and be like everyone else. You know, "LAWL U STOLED DIS FRUM GUNDAM N EVANGELON N EUREKA7 OMG ZERO."

I really think you plagiarized a lot. Check out your other work. You can't lie.

Please try to make some ORIGINAL work.


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Hi! :D

I'm not going to completely berate you and be like everyone else. You know, "LAWL U STOLED DIS FRUM GUNDAM N EVANGELON N EUREKA7 OMG ZERO." I know how much work goes into making a Flash animation alone, unlike 75% of the reviewers who give your Flash a low score.

So, critiques;

Graphics were pretty good, actually. Could use a bit of cleaning up in some spots, but overall pretty good.

Style, well, it was unoriginal as many have said. There were some noticeable traces too (Lawl, was that Matthieu smoking the cigarette?). And uh, Tony's "Connection" was very much like Rendan's connection to the Nirvash, or Shinji's connection to EVA Unit 01. So.

Sound was alright. There were still some quite spots (While a battle is going on?) and a few places badly needed sound effects. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of this too ;P They're a bit hard to find, after all. Another thing is the reuse of sound effects. When the explosions were happening, you had the same sound effect replaying over and over. You should try using two different ones simultaneously. And a little BG music in some parts would greatly enhance the feeling of the scene. The JPop fit, I don't care what anyone says >_>;

Violence? Oh, there was violence xD I thought it was rather cool. Though I noticed a traced movement or two :x Still, great job.

Not much interactivity.

Not much humor--except for the part where the commander(?) berates Tony, and the fact that he got thrown into the brig. Hahahaha.

Overall, not bad at all. Work on lipsync and sound, and your Flash will be great!

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May 27, 2007
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