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Super Mario bros Z ep 6 (old series)

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[UPDATE] Added some invisible buttons during the movie to change the quality, just in case you have a slow computer.
Also. I've fixed the problems with lagging, so now you can all watch the episode at the speed it was originally intended to be viewed. Enjoy. =D

Thanks for Daily 1st, Weekly second and Front page again everybody. ^^

Another 3 months down the road. Another episode of SMBZ.

Yup, you read right. I found a way around the 16k frame limit on flash. (At least I hope I have >.> ).
But if anyone spots any: glitches, faulty buttons etc. Please let me know.
Anywho. Stop reading this and enjoy the next action packed installment of SUPER MARIO BROS Z!!!

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Man, the nostalgia of this episode is through the roof... Mecha Sonic exudes a level of fear that very few antagonists have. And that three-way battle at the beginning is so well-choreographed that you're captivated from beginning to end. Glad to see this series' reboot still being worked on. I'm looking forward to Episode 3!

When mecha sonic appeared I generally felt scared for the main characters

Amazing episode, amazing fight, amazing animation, amazing soundtrack, just AMAZING.

This episode will always be a classic

Such good animation