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3D Animation

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I manage to synchronize the sound well enough, so if anyone would still like to check it out, plz do. I apologize for the bad audio before.
I also fixed other problems like the credits of the video still apearing.
Hope you enjoy it, and thank you for all your great reviews!

This animation was done as a university project. It was made in 3ds max.
Each frame took 5 minuts to render, and is at 30fps.

Note: The sound might stay out of synch, sorry about that.

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This is better than I could do.


dude that is some SWEET 3d animation shit. WHen i saw the curtain moving i was all like. "How... how you doin that? How you? How you doin that?" Then ROBOTS?!?!? OMG!!!!!!

50/5 100/10


Really nice animation there dude, Love the scenery (reminds me of half life 2) and the character work, must have taken you ages to make, I would love to see more of this stuff on newgrounds and especialy from you!

Nice job..

it's good that you posted a 3d work..that's what this site needs..I liked the rendering and the cloth...but the character animation needs more work..try to focus on creating more detailed motions ( secondary actions, stretch and squash..and so on) ....keep posting

Good Job

It was a darn good job, yet not the best you can get from a university project, sorry lads.. What you might consider doing is using Blender(TM). It's a nice bit of freeware that will have you creating masterpieces in no time! Furthermore, just keep posting :)

Credits & Info

4.58 / 5.00

May 27, 2007
3:27 AM EDT

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