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Zapbots vrs Southpark

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Transformers, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Southpark all wrapped into one.
Enjoy! For more info visit ..version updated...www.zapbots.com

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I enjoyed that, I really wish it had voice rather than text though. The drawings were okay, but looked flat and some of the animation could have been better but overall you did a good job and had a good sense of humor here as well, I love southpark, but the scenes with the deaths was just hilarious, nice 80's photofinish ending as well.

Such a stereotypical terrible movie

If you set out to make a sterotypical terrible movie, well done you achieved it, it was spot on cheesiness, stereoypical and terrible, it was just so awful. If you made this being serious then that was a bad job, the story wasn't interesting, there were no funny jokes(it did raise a smile at how cheesy it was though), the sound was of an awful quality and some sound clips were too loud, you also should ahev used some voices for the characters, that would ahve improved it.

I didn't see how this ahd anything to do with Star Wars or Star Trek like you said it did, South Park and Transformers, yes, but Star Wars and Star Trek, no.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


Transformer rules!

Nice that you did a flash featuring Transformers and South Park at the same time.

Don't listen to those who say that Transformer suck. It was around way more than South Park. Plus Transformer got something South Park don't multi-billion dollar industry. So :P to you Transformer haters out there.

Anyways all you need to work on more is your sound. Just add voices to it. I think people will enjoy it even more.

*thumbs up*


First off, South Park humor is primitive but it isnt as shallow as you try to make it out to be, the makers of the jokes are actually making many hidden jokes that anyone out of high school can catch. I hope this was your first flash, keep at it and you might get somewhere. This was definitely subpar.


wow well that was a suprise on the eyes, umm not too flash
Well there wasnt any voices which would have helped alot.
No interactivity in this flash.
Well i can see what you were trying to achieve but i think it was too much for you all at once.
Not very strong.
Kinda funny not much though.
Damnit what year was this made?, if its a earlier flash i can under stand good effort.

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3.69 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2000
1:34 AM EDT