Rick Versus Vegeta

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I got better at sprite animations, more than 10 times better,This rick guy is a custom character who got pissed at vegeta for killing his brother, its like a fusion of Gohan and Human with him so dont expect anything else


nice but short

it was good but it would have been better if it was longer

steelsoldier responds:

I realize already that the animation is too short, but i dont have many sprites and i cant animate too much in the animation, currently each of those characters only have like 15 sprites each, which makes hard to animate and get new ideas of which attacks i should do in the flash, the versions of sprites i am doing are used in old gameboys which have been redone in some forums One is Lsw sprites you can search in google, the only problem is that animating these leaves to a problem, normally they dont have many sprites, its like 15-25 sprites per character which makes it awfully hard for me to give an original idea to the animation making me only use the sprites they offer, and not adding more


this thing is nice as. It has sounds that you WOULD find in DBZ, and it has two guys killing each other so fast you can't see them. You have potential. sort of.

like me, except better.

steelsoldier responds:

Thank you very much for the review

Needs work.

Graphics: Nice animations, though the backgrounds were awful. I don't really know what to say, since they were sprites and all, but I think with some more moxie this would've been cool.

Style: Seen it. Seriously, the whole plot, the whole idea, and I'm pretty sure the dialog is familiar as well. Add a real story, and you're set.

Sound: The punching sound effects were okay, but I couldn't stand the music. Music is supposed to build up to the roaring heavy metal, not blow your eardrums off before you can prepare yourself. I realize this was a little short to do any such thing, but anyway...

Violence: The action was slick and cool. It felt good and it was very colorful. Pity it was so short it didn't really have a point.

Interactivity: This was a movie, remember?

Humor: No chuckles here.

Final thoughts: I don't mind sprite animations, and I've seen some genius ones here at Newgrounds, but this was too short for a real movie, and too underdone for a quick short. Usually, the shorts are supposed to grab your attention immediately and give you a reason for spending time watching it. You got the potential, now to put it to use.

steelsoldier responds:

The background part is true, but as hard i might try i cant do better than these backgrounds, i tried using brush tool but it looks worst, with line tool i aint very good, and when animating something exploding it just looks soo wrong that i dont succeed the colors correctly and it doesnt match the surrounding, but thanks for the review thought

too short

maybe if you added a prologue as to why rick wants to kill vegeta, how he became par with vegeta, etc.

I know there's the authors notes but it still leaves lots of good, juicy detail out that could make this great.

steelsoldier responds:

Ill do this in next time i submit one animation i promise, currently this was more of a test demonstration of what i could do, and it turned to a short animation and so i added an ending to it

not bad for a beginner

you should have made this longer but not bad for a beginner

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steelsoldier responds:

I couldnt make it longer because of the lack of sprites of each character sorry, but i promise ill release more stuff with more organization in the future, since i dont have a lot of time and have exams in the way, ill concentrate this a little in free time

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May 26, 2007
6:27 PM EDT
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