Weird Fighters

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This is a new version of the Weird Fighters game by Honto.
New stages, new characters, new fatalities and more !

Sorry for the huge file size, there is a lot of artwork.

Read the 'how to play' for combos and fatalities.

For fatalities : don't forget to first press scacebar and be quick

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There's still that bug which freezes the game when doing a stage transition when you play Matthew in the Preistoric stage.

I haven't played this game in years, but it aged slightly well.

The story is well-written, but the game feels too easy, too short, and has few combos.

If you tweaked the difficulty and put in more content, then I think this would make for a good indie game.

Nostalgia? Maybe. Still wonderful for it's time and for being a simple flash game? Fuck yeah. Awesome little game with fun art. Of course it doesn't come without it's flaws like the sound effects being a little too loud, the moves registering sorta late, and ranged moves being over powered, but honestly those are minor complaints. Love this game, would play again.

I have to admit that this is a very amazing. The style of 2D combat and the addition of fatalities makes this look like a very comedic spin off of games like Mortal Kombat and Tekken

Your characters are also very well made with interesting stories and fighting styles. I myself especially liked N33 and Dr. Nicole. They both actually have some unique traits and designs that are inspiring to me. It may even give me an idea for my own manga.

Again, really impressive job on the game. I hope to see more from you.

While not a great game, certainly a good one. I mean, I really do like how they do have good distinct designs. That black masked guy reminds me of one of the angels from "Neon Genesis Evangelion". Actually, I think that's a common theme in anime, as it's like No-Face in "Spirited Away". I thought that guy was a goat, not a llama. I never really noticed how similar they are.

I like how easy it was. My biggest complaint was that it seems like it could have been better with how long it took to beat an opponent. Then again, this whole thing is a bit ambiguous. I'm not sure you even really advanced in this game. It was fairly well done.

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3.58 / 5.00

May 26, 2007
11:59 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS