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I want the person who created the video Lilium to know that I didn't steal her idea. I used the speaking she used in Lilium. The story is different. The characters all kill someone dear to them and then kill themselves to end up in limbo. Throughout the whole story the characters are trying to become the rulers of Limbo. I know that my video sucks but deal with it!!! Also, does anyone even want to see this series continued?

EDIT: Unfortunatly I will not be completing the series for I have to buy macromedia flash for myself now since before I made this on the schools labtop. As soon as I get flash though, I will be creating a new and better series. For now, I'll tell you this: It is an romance comedy/ action which I think many people will like. So if you liked this(for reasons I don't know) then look forward to Untitled Love, coming in 2009.....hopefully....

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^^ sweet

-I mean, even though the "talking to the butterflies" thing is alredy been used on Bleach-it's cool, because u change the story even if a little n make it ur own ^^
nice work n I expect to see more later on =P

MissTarot responds:

Why thank you! ///^^///

Also, if your talking about the Bleach anime (which you are) then I'll just say that I started watching that show early this year. When I made this video, I had no idea what bleach was..... but then, I can't really remember much from when I made that video so I might have gotten the butterfly idea from bleach after all..


Very nice job! can't wait to see how part 2 comes out! :D

MissTarot responds:

thank you! Don't expect part two to come soon though since in part two its sort of the same thing with the butterfly except with a blue bird and that is hard to draw on flash with a labtop!

alright but..

while this is very similar to lileth i say you did good enough to morph it into something of your own
my only complaints are these:
#1: the music just killed the mood of the movie, way to fast and upbeat for what was happening
#2: you really shouldnt have left some of the backgrounds white like that, that much white in the background kinda screws with the "darkness" of the tale
#3: (this is very minor) im pretty shure you spelled one or two things wrong, im almost completly certain that you spelled "homunculus" wrong, im not shure that im spelling it right cause i dont wanna look it up while im typing this

just fix these small things up and im shure youll do great

MissTarot responds:

Thanks for the complaints. I used that music because it was the only one that would fit into the flash right. I did find some other songs that would go great with the mood though! Also, the spelling thing....eh.... I'm not exactly the best speller and I could never spell "homunculus". Speaking of spelling, just so you know, "shure" is spelled sure. Thanks for the review!!m Just happy to know that people liked it!


This is a very good flash, don't listen to 8i11yb0b or whatever, he is just a noob without the ability to offer proper critique. I would use voices instead of text, and if you don't have a mic, look for a text to speech program. It should help you with future flash.

MissTarot responds:

Thank you for your review. I just did that flash because my friends and I like making stories. I'll take your advice and look for a text to speech program so I can use it on episode three since I've already done a little bit on episode two. Also, your right, 8i11ybob(what kind of name is that?!) he is a n00b!

they ran out of ones to put infront of 0's... srry


oh, there they are!

MissTarot responds:

Okay now. I tried my best on that video! I may not be the best at making videos but you don't have to give me an absolute 0! I think that the picture at the beginning of the girl, whose name is Psyche Dora, was very good. I'm not saying that my video is the best in the world or anything but I just think that you could be a little nicer! I think that a one would have been just fine!

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May 25, 2007
9:29 PM EDT
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