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Press Start: V for Vile 2

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Press Start: Dial V for Vile
"Twisted Mental"

Count Vile is in the market for a new tank.

"Dial V for Vile" is a three-episode LIVE ACTION series that chronicles the phone adventures of Count Nefarious Vile, the villain from the upcoming videogame comedy movie "Press Start", coming to DVD SEPTEMBER 25.



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So this was kind of cool it was some real time stuff going on but there are some good action style of scenes and it seems to all come together it was a nice entry here and a little bit of nostalgic to the newgrounds era of stuff like this but regardless this was pretty amazing and I really enjoyed it for what it is so nice job on this one I really liked it

I really don't see anything that needs changing


I was very impressed by this as always. Wait, why is this allowed to still be here? "Numa Numa Dance" was removed because Tom wanted to get rid of live-action stuff. At least some of it's still here. I would have liked to see Johnson. He'd be pretty poor CGI.

That would have made it more appealing. I like the quarter to replay it. It makes it feel like an arcade game. The best joke was probably the first one. You know, about Count Vile not actually being that little boy.

Ending Killed Me

The ending was too much to resist laughing, loved it!

Real refernce

Twisted metal was for the PS1 it was ported to PSP. Was that a frogger reference when he explained how he got the tank? Did they mention Axel's wheel?

Oh wait... Yes I had one of those tanks too!

Love the Blaster Master reference, hahaha, was the best. Memories came flowing while Vile was describing all the upgrades "his" tank had even at that time and how he got the tank. Damn, I'm feeling old, but who cares!!!! And yes those tanks' explosions are quite... violent.