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*Update* Just realised it says it belongs to Albino Blacksheep... ignore that.

Just a little animation I made from the movie "Starsky & Hutch". Nothing too special, but it took a bit of time. Not expecting a high score as such. Runtime: 00:37.



it was good graphics, but all u did was copy a scene from a movie. Try making an idea of ur own, i think it would be great with those graphics

Acid-Animations responds:

I appreciate your attitude to the movie; but it was just a fun little joke and experiment with lip snychronising. Thanks for the review.


You did a great job animating their faces and their mouths. Would have been nice if you made them move around more though. Have their heads move... their hands... the rest of their body. But yea I really liked this still. Graphics were drawn well. Just needed a little more. Excellent idea. That was a really funny part.

Acid-Animations responds:

Thanks a lot for the nice review. I see what you're getting at; but with detailed graphics like that it would take a long time to manoeuver the arms, etc.


that was good! i gave you a 5. it had great humor! keep makin them movies, sonny! ok i'm never doing that again. sound is very realistic, and art is nice and clean.

Acid-Animations responds:

Thankums ;))))


It was a good movie didnt watch all of it though.

But it was good not much else to say really.

Anyway good work mate, you got potensial for a great flashmaker.


Acid-Animations responds:

Thanks for the review. Shame you didn't watch it all, was only over half a minute ;( lolz.

Great Job.

You definitely deserve the scores you got and the you spent. Well worth it. For 00:37 that was a good movie. Great job. I was entertained for every second.

Acid-Animations responds:

Thanks a lot ^.^

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Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

May 24, 2007
6:07 PM EDT
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