bbq meets clamman

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*EDIT* OH and credit to bbqbeefburgerman for the bbqbeefburgerman character.. and McDonalds I guess...

Just something that I wipped up yesterday becasue I was bored...

Oh and Mr.bbq would you like me to send you the character that I made to you so you can use it? If that is you even see this.

enjoy ~_~



BBQBBM is really stupid. Why would you make this? Also the flash was to short and dumb. BBQBBM is gaaaaaaaaay///

hollowbullet responds:


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1. Deal with it nobody really cares if you don't like this, just don't watch these types of movies and don't leave crappy reviews like you did."

"2.Do #1

3.Do #2

4.Do #3"


^^Good Points^^
This was kind of comical. I thought BBQ's reaction to clam man was pretty funny.

^^Needs Improving^^
Unfortunately, there isn't much else in this movie to comment on. It was very short and had very little content. BBQ didn't even say anything besides the high pitched scream, which is all very disappointing.

hollowbullet responds:

ya I can see what you mean with the bad points, but this was just meant to be an in gag for all those Bbq lovers out there, because Bbq would normaly not due that he would just shoot claman.

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2.09 / 5.00

May 24, 2007
4:29 PM EDT
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