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Do you hate microsoft? Well i do. I made this Movie for all the Nintendo fans out there. I made it with the help of my buddy Pikanjo. This movie is 235kb, and will take the average 56k modem about one minute to load. It is about two kids who buy the Xbox, but because of technical difficulties (of coarse), they end up with the Nintendo Gamecube. I did set it with a pre-loader ( i hope it works ), so you won't have any problems. I made this movie within a 10 hour period, including sleep and eat. but don't let that fool you. it has good quality. Keep in mind this is my very first movie. *Enjoy*
-oh, i also will have another movie coming out shortly (i hope), so if you liked this one, look for that one too. *****PLEASE VOTE FOR ME*****

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LOL, The Gamecube came 52 Days before Xbox.

How come this movie is M rated? There is no blood or bad language in it.

This is so hilarious! Just like Caillou bomb Go!animate headquarters.

Gamecube Rulez!

To Bobfushkins

PS3 is way better than both Wii and X-Box 360! PS3 has a bluray player that supports DVD's, Playstation games, and Blu-ray disks..


why does microsoft suck

they have made better gaming consoles than nintendo. Released there next Gen console before Sony or Nintendo. its not overpriced like the PS3 it has good graphics and can play DVDs unlike the Wii...... and the xbox was much better than the nintendo. nintendo has barley increased the graphics with there games from the nintendo 64 to the wii... xbox had better graphics than the wii.... only reason ppl buy it is because its cheap, it can play games.. xbox is a game system and a dvd player, you can download movies and tv shows to them

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2.86 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2001
11:46 PM EST