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This is another game made by us folks at 600voltgames.com. This one i think is pretty creative, we used a Google map to make a race track, based on a food drive here in the city. We're still a pretty new site, We're just a couple of you guys who got together and said lets put our talents to work here, see what we can do. so check out the site! 600voltgames.com


not bad

but maybe try making more room to drive down the streets

Weak attempt at something that could that be great

This is an extremely good concept, that I haven't seen in a flash game before. This type of "taxi" game I've only seen on consoles, which would've worked in your favour only that the flash was riddled with bugs.

The graphics were probably the best part about the flash, top notch satellite mapping, that really gave you a sense of actually being somewhere. One complaint thought would be the the overall blurriness of the photo, made it hard to tell which part of the road was drivable, and even accessible. Also, the vehicle that you control, could be improved, to make it look more realistic. Other than those small things the graphics are quite good.

My major frustration with this game it the bugs in the driving system, and overall interaction with the environment. The car controls very well, that is until in interacts with the environment. I would advise you to test your actionscript, more before you release a game. I can see that most of the time the system works, but if you try to turn into a wall, you can actually get stuck in it, and on one occasion the car actually moved on its own accord.

One other thing about the whole system, I wouldn't advise giving info on how to play the game while the counter is counting down. Using a game menu system would be a great way to get round both problems, also that would give you an opportunity to give credit and/or an instructions tab.

The game could've been greatly improved by the addition of background music and/or sound effects. Just to give the game a little bit more atmosphere.

I really like the whole idea, and the game play of the game, but it just seemed like to me that it was rushed and unfinished. You've laid down a nice foundations of a game, but the execution needs a lot of tweaking until it'll be perfect.

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Great Concept

This is definitely a great game idea that I'd love to see developed further, because I think you've come across a refreshing style of flash games. However, there is a lot that needs to be worked on in this game:

Graphics: The graphics is a novel idea, as Google Maps is a great source of a layout. The problem is that the car you control is much larger than actual cars in the game. A good idea to take this further would be to zoom in on the map and allow the screen to scroll as the car travels across the area. This would actually make it GTA-like and provide a tested-and-true game style.

Style: The style is definitely great. Like I said above, the GTA-style game was well-loved and would work great for a flash. As far as gameplay goes, while the game idea is simple, it's a great baseline to work off of. A recommended take on this would be races across a region, going through highways and side streets to reach checkpoints in the area. You can also take the delivery idea further and make it a "pizza delivery guy" type of game where you need to find your destination via radar.

Sound: No sound yet, so I couldn't give points on it. Recommended sounds would be simple backbeats and maybe tire screeching and engine revving.

Violence: None included, none necessary.

Interactivity: The gameplay style is nice, but there are two major problems. The first is the finicky clipping that the game has. While it's unreasonable to be able to drive over cars, the pathways are rather small through the parking lot, making it very hard to maneuver. While this may be the goal of the game, it can get annoying and tedious. I'd recommend what I said above and make the map larger, making the car a proper size according to the road.

Humor: Not intended for this flash, not necessary.

Overall: Great start! I gave this flash 2/5 as it is definitely protection-worthy. However, work does need to be done to make the flash a true winner. Give the flash time, work on on the incidentals and a more robust gameplay, and you might have yourself an award-winning flash on the way. Best of luck!

Needs a lot of work, but some potential

There is clearly some skill behind this submission, but there are an awful lot of problems which make it fairly lacking as a game, and pretty much unplayable and not enjoyable.

Graphics: The idea of using google earth for a map background (or something similar) is certainly a novel one, but the picture quality suffers badly as a result. It was very difficult to see what was road and what wasn't, and generally it looked kind of tacky and poorly done. The car itself was basic, but good enough under the circumstances. Perhaps using a different kind of map, ideally with a lot better resolution, would be a good idea, and also a little more detail to the car would be nice.

Style: A solid idea on the lines of crazy taxi etc. It needs a lot more added to it though, such as moving obstacles, things that can be run over (pedestrians?), the objective moving each time you have collected it, different maps and cars, and most importantly instructions! With no indication of when you have collected the objective or not it was hard to understand what was going on or what you were supposed to do. I spent some time hitting buttons with the expectation of picking up the star, only to find that running over it is enough. It would also be an idea to clarify that the star is indeed the objective.

Sound: None, and that is a BIG problem with this submission. Even simple background music would have vastly improved this game, and then on top of that you could have added crash sounds when you collide with barriers, screeching sounds when you turn, and maybe a small chime when you collect the objective/cross the finish line. All of those would have made this a more enjoyable game to play.

Violence: none, often that wouldn't be a problem, but with a game like this, on a site that craves a bit of blood, it feels like a missed opportunity. It would have been nice to throw some pedestrians in there to splat!

Interactivity: The controls were reasonable going forward, but in reverse they felt horrible. Not only were they very slow in both turning and speed, but the turning was in the wrong direction. With reverse it feels more natural if pressing the right key turns the car left, and vice versa, just like in a real car. Other than that this was one of the best parts of the game though, with forward motion at a good speed and with a nice turning circle. It was also nice that you couldn't turn the car when stationary, adding to the difficulty.

Humor: None, and again a possible missed opportunity. There are plenty of things that can be done with a game like this to make it funny, just look at games like Carmageddon for inspiration.

So overall just about worthy to pass as a work in progress, but it needs a huge amount of work to improve and make it a solid and enjoyable game. On top of all the game improvements mentioned above also work on using a preloader, having a menu system (which with the options I suggest you will need), and taking your time over submissions and posting them only when you feel they are as good as they can possibly be. The best work takes a lot of time and patience, but you get more satisfaction from a job well done.


Strange game...

I don't even know what is the objective of the game. I found it kinda boring after playing a few minutes. But you have some hidden potential. Try to find that potential and maybe you'll do a better game next time.
Anyway, here's my review:

Graphics: 3. Kinda cheap. I'm wondering: What it is supposed to be?

Style: 5. Short, but the game have some style. I mean: I saw worse than that.

Sound: 0. I don't think there were any sounds in the game, huh? Try to add some. Sound and music make games better.

Violence: 0. But violence isn't needed here, huh?

Interactivity: 2. The player control a car. That's all.

Humor: 7. Seriously, the simplicity of this game make me laugh.

Overall: 4. The game is ok. It just needs some more stuff.

Good luck for making your next game!

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1.83 / 5.00

May 22, 2007
8:34 PM EDT
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