MSN Guy Maker 2

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The sequel to MSN Guy Maker. This time there are more eyes, accessories and... more of everything.

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Its better than the first at least, but it could still use some work.

plain and green

~nothing to him, only half a body
~need to add hair choices
~ only get to choose color of shirt, not style
~ not enough choices
~sunglasses were also only about color not style
~green body??
~need more choices on color, tan, black, yellow, blue, body colors
~need choices on fat or thin or even medium, too round, heads round
~mouth expressions were funny but not really original
~i like pie! (sorry bored there for a moment)lol
~sorry to be such a critic but,,,hey!
~be cool if you could add other half of body
~need background choices, not just white!
~i think i gave fair rating

A bit better than the last one

I admit it this time it's better but it isn't fun still

lol nice

nice, this idea may not be for you but here it is anyway, now i normally dont like games unless they've got blood and guns in them (your typical boy) so maybe you could make it a bit like madness (you've heard of that right?) well anyway if you dont want that then maybe you could make like a mini series like he gets bored and escapes into the internet and gets up to all kinda crazy stuff.......this is just an idea and i dont where it came from..... i lost what i was talking about around the word "nice".........

Easy to use, but lacked a lot.

You should make it so there are different categories for each accessory. Such as arm, neck, face, etc.

Nelson15 responds:

Good idea... I'll give it a go.

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

May 19, 2007
2:35 AM EDT
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