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a game i made which started out as me trying to actionscript a randomly bouncing ball...the game is a bit addictive in my opinion, which is a key thing to have in many great games ;)




Great game, though simple. I could have gone without the insult when you lose, though.

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dyingtokill responds:

sorry about the insult i just have a strange sense of humar. but thanks for the review


Pretty awesome. Very simplistic graphics and a low frame rate, but it has quite an enjoyable side to it. It's very short, however. Those old classic games had a bajillion levels or no end at all (Galaga), so adding to the levels might be a good idea.

A couple of suggestions:

1) Come up with a more visually appealing timer. Raw numbers work, sure, but it's just no fun.
2) The health bar is plain as well. Spice it up!
3) The green ball's responiveness seemed slow. This could be due to the low frame rate. I'm not sure.
4) The behavior of the red balls is cool and random, but a lot of the time I got away with just sitting in one corner.
5) Your boss fight didn't really feel like one. You know what would have been wicked? A big ball that shoots out a ton of little ones. THAT would be bloody challenging.

It's a great submission, and there's a lot of potential for simple, addictive game. I also enjoyed your music. I'm not sure why, but it seemed to fit really well. I was impressed there.

Oh! Sound effects! You need more of those. I just remembered that.

Looking forward to see more of you work!

not bad.. not bad at all

i liked it, even though theres alot of those type of games around atm i liked it. good idea to make it look as if the balls were following your movements with their "eyes" i also liked the smart comment at the end if you lost

dyingtokill responds:

thank you :) and i just started working on a new game. (completly different from this one)

YEeah, average

See it all the time. Average.

It's ok, but not great.

The physics were a little weird and the sound effects lagged a bit, but the music was fine. I didn't really enjoy it because I've played so many games like it, but you did a good job.

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2.41 / 5.00

May 18, 2007
10:09 PM EDT
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