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This is supposed to be for a collab but it got cancelled!
I will be still contining it but i'm not sure when i'll be finishing this stick movie! My most detailed moive ever!



It was better than some of your other work but, the movements was shaking. If something is a bit shaky then just re-animate it, it will really help you get better. I have re-animate alot of stuff but it's really worth it. Your getting better indeed, but keep practising. I don't know if you do small test but that can really help you out.
I have like a million-zillion tests on my computer just for practice. You might wanna try to improve your artwork a bit aswell. Well, good luck in your future flashes.
And as some people already mentioned, the weapons were not accurate.

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Not very good.

I can understand this would be one of your first flashes made. The stick figures are getting old unfortunately. Your history was innaccurate, maybe you would've got some more points for accuracy and a little bit more authenticity. This isn't a very original piece of work, you need to work on your graphics, sound (if there was any!?!!?) actually on second thought you need to work on a lot of things.

Forest of Dreamers

it was OK

not that bad, but for the record, the ak-47 wasn't invented until 1947, 2 years AFTER WWII ended, and didn't go into service until the 50's. also, you might want to change the look of the helmets, those didn't look at all like WWII era helmets.

Looping shit

This would be a lot better if it didn't loop, was accurate about WWII, and had sound. If these come into play, I might try to pass it next time.


If this was based on WWII, it was completely inaccurate. Go to school or something.

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3.16 / 5.00

May 18, 2007
7:08 AM EDT
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